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Women's Health

At Integrated Health and Wellness Solutions, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive care tailored to the unique needs of women. From preventive screenings to reproductive health management, we prioritize your well-being at every stage of life.

Doctor Examining Patient

Pap Smears

A cervical screening used to detect potentially precancerous and cancerous processes in the cervix or colon. 

Female Doctor

UTI Screenings

Timely diagnosis and treatment of urinary tract infections (UTIs) help alleviate symptoms, prevent complications, and safeguard urinary health.

Woman & Doctor

HPV Testing

 A test that detects the presence of HPV , the virus that causes cervical cancer, in your system.

Doctor Examining Pregnant Woman

Pregnancy Testing

A test used to determine whether a female is pregnant or not. We provide the two primary methods for testing being blood and urine testing.

Female Pharmacist

Vaginal Infections

Diagnosis and treatment of vaginal infections, including yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis, are essential for relieving symptoms, preventing complications, and maintaining vaginal health.

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Counseling

Our counseling helps patients achieve their reproductive goals in a manner consistent with their priorities, values, and lived experiences.

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