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Immediate Needs

Timely attention and relief for immediate medical concerns

Comforting Hands


Checkups to assess overall health

Doctor Examining Patient


Convenient virtual healthcare consultations

Mother with a Mask

Womens Health

Services addressing women's unique healthcare needs

Woman & Doctor

Diabetes Treatment

Comprehensive management for diabetes

Diabetes Self Management Program

STD Testing

Confidential & accurate testing to identify and treat STIs

Blood Test

Weight Management

Personalized plans for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

Patient on Scale

Allergy Testing

Can help confirm or rule out allergies

Fur Particles Allergy

Coming Soon...

Integrated Health And Wellness Solutions will soon be offering IV hydration! Our IV Nutrient Infusion Formula can help ease hangovers, headaches, nausea, and dehydration. Along with general wellness, IV hydration can help you feel more energized, help boost your metabolism, and aid in weight loss. Don't hesitate to give us a call for information!

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