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Meet Your Provider

Hello! My name is Melva Banks and I'm a nurse practitioner and the owner of Integrated Health and Wellness Solutions! I started this business because of my passion for caring for people. I wanted to bring this passion to my community and help those around me. My goal is to make everyone in my community feel welcomed and cared for. 

My Story

I am a compassionate nurse practitioner with 20 years of health care experience. I am a caring, dedicated, and professional nurse practitioner. 

I was born and raised in a small town in Texas. I attended Alice High school.  After I graduated,  I enlisted in the Army at the age of 18.  After my military service, I attended Columbus Technical College, in Columbus Georgia, where I completed by Associates degree in Nursing.  I then went on to South University, where I obtained my Bachelors and Masters in Nursing Administration.  I later went back to obtain my Masters in Nursing to receive my FNP certification.  I have worked in various fields of nursing throughout my career, from bedside nursing to Director of Cardiology services.  My true passion is working with individuals to improve their health in order for them to have a healthier lifestyle using routine follow up and appropriate accessible healthcare services.   

My hobbies include crafting, reading books, and motorcycling.  I have a husband of 25 years and we have 7 wonderful children and a two grandchildren.   

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